10 Bits of Wisdom for Prospective Pool Buyers

  1. Know for certain which of the three types of pools is best for you - Concrete, Vinyl, Fiberglass
    Each type of pool shell material comes with its own pros and cons, however once you study each type is should be obvious what is best for your backyard environment and budget. Then you will have one part of your pool design decided that is non-changing.

  2. Read some pool blogs and create an equipment and features wish list.
    Pool styles and equipment technology changes faster than you might think, so if you haven't looked around at what the newest pools are being constructed with, you owe it to yourself to slow down and take a look around before finalizing any design decisions.

  3. Choose a shape for your pool early in the design process.
    This will allow you to get an idea of what your backyard environment will look like. The shape of the pool dictates the size and scope of your decking, landscaping, and other outdoor features. Different size conventions have different advantages also. For example, a rectangular pool is great for water sports, pool games, and fitness. A free-form pool allows the swimming pool to ebb and flow around any existing trees and natural backyard features.

  4. Build a list of questions to ask pool companies before you get a quote.
    Don't even waste time reviewing a quote from a company until they can ace your builder requirements. There's a great list of questions posted at The Center for Pool Study.

  5. Browse photos of the different pool surface materials.
    This part of the design can greatly affect the price of your pool build. Plaster is the traditional choice, however once you have seen a glass tile or marble pool finish, you may not be able to forget it. Browse Luxury Pools for a look at some of the modern pool surfacing options.

  6. Understand why you want a pool and what it will be used for.
    Seems like a silly recommendation, however many people have a fantasy view of their swimming pool life. They might imagine tanning every morning after breakfast, swimming laps or daily water aerobics, or throwing regular pool parties. Are you sure enough of your reasons for buying a pool that you can without hesitation let it decide your total investment and design, an entirely irreversible set of decisions. No we are not trying to give you stress. We want you to look close inside yourself where you might find out the real reasons you want a pool are far less calculated.

  7. Get several pool quotes.
    The odds of getting a great quote from the first pool company you call are not in your favor. You need at least 5 quotes and probably closer to 10. Remember you list of questions to ask first though! Also, you can utilize the services of a website like Free Pool Quotes if you live in the Texas or Florida area.

  8. Ask your builder to catch you up to speed on all things energy and eco-friendly related.
    A small investment in the right equipment upfront can pay for itself many times over every few years. Pool technology has come a long way, from solar powered pool heaters, to LED lighting, to various natural pool water cleaning methods, there is much to know and your builder should jump at the chance to educate you.

  9. Choose landscaping and plants carefully for lower maintenance cleaning.
    Avoid planting trees nearby that create many blooms and debris such as sycamores, crepe myrtles, gums and pecan trees. These trees will become a thorn in your side in the spring and summer when they constantly dump their vegetation into the pool water and upset the chemistry.

  10. Consider the rise in home insurance and property taxes.
    Planning a pool is suppose to be fun and we want it to be for you. However surprises at a later date can spoil your confidence that you made the right decision. Estimate any increases in your home taxes and insurance just so you know what to expect after the fun of enjoying your pool begins.